Prefect 2.7.7 Release
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Anna Geller

01/06/2023, 11:03 PM
Hi everyone, happy Friday! 👋 Prefect 2.7.7 is here prefect2 cloud2 The API reference documentation has been completely rehauled with improved navigation and samples. You can see the REST API documentation on Prefect Cloud, as well as rendered in our open-source documentation. We've also improved the parsing and rendering of reference documentation for our Python API. See the tabular @flow decorator docs as an example. This release also includes lots of enhancements related to blocks:PR 7862 added
flag on the
method to facilitate block document migration, and PR 8056 allowed schema migration of block documents using
• when you register new block types with the
prefect block register
CLI command, you will now get a link to the UI Blocks page to easily create new blocks (8017) • when you try to save a block with an invalid name, you'll see better error messages (8038) Apart from that, there are improvements and fixes to (among others!): • flow timeouts (7993) •
prefect cloud login
(8034) • Kubernetes job (8018) and its documentation (8044) •
serialization (8074) • annotations (7263) and their serialization (8037) • task run cache key size (7275) • RRule schedule length - there is a limit now (7762) • deployment troubleshooting - we added a log message when Prefect downloads flow code from storage and from which storage location (8075) • the result factory, which now avoids creating unnecessary DB connections (8072) • documentation - lots of improvements here, including not only docs but also a new parser and renderer (7855) For all enhancements and fixes, check the release notes. Happy engineering and have a great weekend!prefect duck
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