• nathaniel


    3 weeks ago
    👋 Hi there Prefect Cloud 2 :cloud2: users! I’m Nathaniel from the Product team at Prefect. We wanted to share a bit about a new addition to Prefect Cloud 2, the Flow Run Retention Period setting. With the Flow Run Retention Period setting, those with additional compliance or analytics needs can now choose to retain historical data about their flow runs in Prefect Cloud for an extended period of time. This flexibility in retention period allows those writing, running, or depending on flows to investigate the final state, logs, and run pattern of flows and their tasks – long after they complete. The retention period can also support you in maintaining compliance with minimum retention policies that your organization may have, alongside providing an expanded window into the history of your flow runs. What does this mean for you? All existing Prefect Cloud 2 users and organizations automatically receive a 180 day retention period setting, the same as our Enterprise tier. This means that after a flow run ends, its details are available for 180 days before being removed. Note 📝: This setting does not impact the existing ability to manually delete flow runs via the Cloud UI or CLI. Flow runs can still manually be deleted, and remain deleted – regardless of the retention period setting. Moving forward, new individual users of Prefect Cloud 2 in the Starter tier will have flows runs maintained for 7 days after completion. Those who have upgraded to the Growth or Enterprise tiers will have a 30 and 180 day flow run retention period respectively by default. Additionally, if you or your organization need a tailored retention period, our Sales team or your account executive can help with customized periods above and beyond these defaults.
  • Anna Geller

    Anna Geller

    3 weeks ago
    Hi everyone! 👋 We are excited to announce the 2.3.0 release! 😛refect2: :cloud2: It includes some highly requested new features such as: • first-class support for flows stored in Docker images and in read-only GitHub storage blocks • context manager
    allowing to disable Prefect logger for testing tasks and flows • new task run UI page • several fixes and enhancements -- many of those include improvements to Deployments. As always, thanks to all contributors and everyone reporting issues on GitHub! 💙 For a detailed overview of changes, see the blog post for the release. Happy Engineering! 😛refect:
  • Jeff Hale

    Jeff Hale

    3 weeks ago
    Hey all! 👋 Prefect 2.3.1 was just released! It contains a number of bug fixes and enhancements. And we released a prefect-jupyter collection for running Jupyter notebooks in flows! 🪐 Enhancements • Add sync compatibility to
    for all infrastructure types — #6654 • Update Docker container name collision log to
    level for clarity — #6657 • Refactor block documents queries for speed ️ — #6645 • Update block CLI to match standard styling — #6679 Fixes • Add
    to the Prefect image — #6653 • Update Docker container runs to be robust to container removal — #6656 • Fix parsing of
    #6647 • Fix handling of
    paths on Windows — #6680 Contributors • @Mars made their first contribution — #6639 • @pdashk made their first contribution — #6640
    pip install -U prefect
    to upgrade! 🎉
  • Anna Geller

    Anna Geller

    2 weeks ago
    Hi everyone! Prefect 2.3.2 😛refect2: was released just now. It primarily includes fixes and enhancements to the UI and documentation. As always, release notes on Discourse and GitHub provide a full list of changes. Shoutout to lennertvandevelde for becoming a new Prefect contributor! 🎉 And thanks to everyone raising issues on GitHub. Have a great rest of the week! 😛refect-duck:
  • Chris White

    Chris White

    2 weeks ago
    Hello everyone! Yesterday the Prefect repository crossed the 10,000 stars threshold. Although we don’t measure our impact solely by GitHub stars, it is a great reason to take a moment and reflect on the community that we have all helped to build over the past 3-4 years. Fun fact: @Dustin Ngo was the first person to star the repo after myself and @Jeremiah, and is now a member of the Prefect Team! It is thanks to your contributions, feedback and usage that so many new people every day are adopting Prefect. I remember when we first open sourced, we agreed that 100 stars in the first 24 hours would be a success. When we blew past 1k we knew we were onto something special. Considering how much Prefect has changed since that time (due in massive part to the feedback and encouragement from this community), I’m nothing but optimistic and excited about the things we have in store for the next phase…
  • Chris Reuter

    Chris Reuter

    1 week ago
    Hi all! We have some upcoming community meetups in DC and Boston, and our first ever community coworking day in DC coming up. https://prefect-community.slack.com/archives/C036FRC4KMW/p1663072997030719 Check out the #events channel to learn more and stay updated on all of the Prefect happenings!
  • Anna Geller

    Anna Geller

    1 week ago
    Hi everyone! 👋 We are excited to announce the 2.4.0 release! 😛refect2: It includes some highly requested new features, including:
    infrastructure block
    - shoutout to @Michael Adkins for making it so easy to use and applicable to a variety of use cases (Fargate, EC2, Spot instances, and tons of flexible configuration options). Note that we are currently releasing this as an experimental block ⚠️ - it's ready for early feedback, but if you plan to use it in production, be aware that this block may change without notice in the next couple of releases, • Support for setting custom parameter values directly from the deployment build CLI • New CLI for interacting with and setting custom timezone-dependent schedules

    for your deployments incl. the ability to pause or resume a schedule directly from the CLI

    On top of that, this release includes some really cool enhancements and important fixes, a.o.: • improved query performance and protecting against race conditions when disabling and reenabling schedules, • fixes to blocks and orchestration metadata context • several documentation improvements, including the brand new catalog of Prefect Recipes 🧑🍳 As always, to upgrade:
    pip install prefect -U
    Thanks to all contributors and everyone reporting issues on GitHub! For a detailed overview of changes, see the release notes. Happy Engineering! 😛refect:
  • Anna Geller

    Anna Geller

    2 days ago
    Hi everyone! We've just released Prefect 2.4.1 😛refect2: :cloud2: To read more about all the cool enhancements and fixes, check out our release post. Thanks so much to all contributors (there were many!) 💙
  • Anna Geller

    Anna Geller

    1 day ago
    Hi again, Release 2.4.2 has just shipped with fixes to blocks in 2.4.1, see the release notes for details. Thanks so much to our users who found and helped fix these issues!