Announcement for Cloud 1 users with auth tokens before May 2020

Kingsley Blatter

01/05/2023, 10:01 PM
Announcement only for Cloud 1.0 users that created auth tokens before May 2020: Last night (Wednesday, January 4th) we were notified by CircleCI of a security alert. The security alert does not indicate that Prefect was impacted, but strongly recommends that all CircleCI users rotate their secrets. As a consequence of this rotation, we will no longer be able to verify auth tokens that were generated prior to approximately May 2020. Therefore, Prefect Agents that use legacy “Runner” or “Tenant” tokens generated before May 2020 will stop working and will need to be provided with new API keys to continue running flows. Users who adopted Prefect API Tokens or API Keys after May 2020 should not be affected.
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