:wave: Hi folks - Will here from the Product Team ...
# announcements
👋 Hi folks - Will here from the Product Team at Prefect! About a month ago, I announced the beta release of our first major dataflow observability feature, Automations. Today, I’m excited to promote that feature to GA across all Cloud workspaces. ⚡ Automations in Prefect Cloud enable increased flexibility, control, and responsiveness of your dataflow by allowing you to configure Triggers and Actions in response to events — or lack thereof! -- from across the stack. This forms the foundation of the reactive dataflow capabilities that we’ll be rolling out in 2023. 🎏 For our flagship release, we’ve prioritized features to: • Configure Triggers based on Flow Run state changes, Work Queue health, or custom criteria via the API. • Execute Actions to run/cancel Flow Runs, pause/resume schedules, pause/resume Work Queues, and send beefed up context-aware notifications with support for Jinja templating. 📈 This feature set will be a springboard for a wealth of exciting enhancements to Prefect over the next year, so as always, let us know what you think. 🫂 Happy automating! -WR
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