10/05/2022, 11:02 PM
Hey there! 👋 Nathaniel from Prefect here! We’re excited to announce the addition of custom workspace roles (custom RBAC) to the Prefect Cloud 2 :cloud2: enterprise plan. Organizations supercharge an account admin’s flexibility in ensuring that users of Prefect Cloud 2 have access to the right Prefect functionality, in the right workspaces. Custom workspace roles are composed of granular permissions to perform certain activities within a workspace, so people in your organization who might not need all of Prefect’s functionality can be given access to what helps them get work done. Custom workspace roles can inherit permissions from a default workspace role, enabling you to tweak beyond the default roles to meet your organization’s needs. Custom workspace roles can also be created independent of Prefect’s default workspace roles. This option gives workspace admins full control of user access to workspace functionality, including determining access to new functionality as it is released. If you’re interested in learning more about custom workspace roles in Prefect Cloud 2, check out the documentation here, or contact our sales team via to see if the enterprise plan might be a good fit for your organization.
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