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Hi all 👋, Will here from the Product team at Prefect. Starting today, we are entering our second phase on our mission to coordinate the world’s dataflow. We are making Prefect Cloud 2.0’s commercial and enterprise features available to self-serve users with no limits. cloud2 We recently announced Prefect Cloud 2.0 with an expansive free tier that permits unlimited usage. The response to its GA launch was overwhelming: last week alone, we processed over 6 million tasks, representing roughly 20% as much work as Cloud 1.0 currently handles. To cement this momentum, today we’re releasing a new suite of commercial and enterprise features as the second phase of Prefect Cloud 2.0’s rollout. 🎉 Prefect Cloud 2.0 introduces a new, self-serve Organization tier that includes critical collaboration features for large teams: organizations, service accounts, team management, roles, and more. In conjunction, we’ve also removed all caps from our self-serve tiers; our engineering-led sales effort means you don’t need to talk to us to use Prefect in production. Organizations will also receive some features previously reserved for our enterprise users, such as an audit log. 🏢 For a full breakdown of our new unlimited Prefect Cloud self-serve tiers, check out prefect.io/pricing.
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