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Anna Geller

10/06/2022, 8:32 PM
Hi everyone! 👋 We've just released Prefect 2.5 prefect2 cloud2 with several highly requested features, including: •
utility, allowing you to trigger flow runs from deployments, wait for their completion, schedule runs for later (even from a custom application), coordinate parametrized dataflows across teams, and run each part of your workflow in a separate infrastructure (e.g., a Docker container or a Kubernetes job). Huge thanks to @Dustin Ngo and @Zanie for building this so quickly based on user feedback • improvements to serverless deployments, including a.o. Google Cloud Run infrastructure block, and ECS customizations • batch deletion of flow runs from the UI (and more UI features coming soon!) - kudos to @Marichka Offen Check the release post to find out more. Thanks to everyone reporting issues on GitHub and to @ale and @Stéphan Taljaard for contributing.
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