Anna Geller

09/29/2022, 8:43 PM
A quick update to the above: we've just pushed two patches fixing a block protection issue. The latest 2.4.5 release restores the ability for a client and server to have a different version. New safeguards for that will be added in the future. To learn more, check the release notes here. Big thanks to @Zanie, @alex, @nicholas, @Jake Kaplan and @Evan Sutherland for shipping those patches so quickly
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09/29/2022, 8:46 PM
To clarify: you'll only have a problem with 2.4.3 and 2.4.4 if you run a server on one version and a client on a different version. It's not likely that anyone was going to do this in the short term, but we went and fixed it in 2.4.5 and you may as well go straight to it :)
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