Tanay Kothari

02/12/2023, 3:18 AM
Hey Prefect team,
Task run '<id>' received abort during orchestration: This run cannot transition to the RUNNING state from the RUNNING state. Task run is in RUNNING state.

prefect.exceptions.MissingResult: State data is missing. Typically, this occurs when result persistence is disabled and the state has been retrieved from the API.
I’m getting this error. I have a Dask cluster on EKS. When I run the prefect flow locally, it connects to the dask cluster and runs it just fine. When I deploy it to the cloud, my prefect agent on Fargate runs the first task in my DAG and then crashes with this error a few seconds later. I’m using Prefect 2.8.0.
Update, I discovered that this error only came when I was running the agent inside a docker container. It didn’t happen when I was running it on my local machine (Mac M1) or on an EC2 instance with Ubuntu