Carlos Cueto

02/10/2023, 1:54 PM
Woke up this morning to the Cloud's Prefect 2.8.0 update with work pools. I know that all existing work-queues went into the default work pool, however, flow runs are being tagged with either
work queue
work pool
in what seems to be random. I liked the old way of seeing the work queue because it gave me an idea of the execution environment of said flow. Is this intended?
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Marichka Offen

02/10/2023, 5:11 PM
Thanks for the comment. We show work pool when a work pool is available (i.e. newer runs) and the work queue when a run doesn’t have a work pool. We decided to show work pool names as work queues names are only unique within a work pool. Feedback on what info you’d like to see is very useful!

Carlos Cueto

02/10/2023, 5:32 PM
We only have a single work pool right now,
. From my screenshot, those 2 flows in there are both future scheduled flow runs, so they are both new. Yet, they each show different things as you can see.
is a work queue that is also part of that same work pool.
Another example... these 2 flows are from the exact same work queue, both scheduled at the same time, yet one shows the work pool in the UI flowrun and the other one shows work queue.