Prefect Release 2.7.2 Announcement
# announcements
Hi everyone! šŸ‘‹ Prefect 2.7.2 is here prefect2 cloud2 This release extends the recently added *pause*/*resume* feature with rescheduling of paused flow runs. You can now pass the
argument to the
utility to gracefully stop the infrastructure process and put the flow run back into a
state. This way, you can free up the infrastructure resources instead of keeping the original flow run process running while waiting for approval.
šŸ’” Note that: this kind of rescheduling pauses works only with flow runs created from deployments and requires results persistence using either the
option on the flow decorator, or by setting it globally:
You can now also manually pause a flow run in progress using the new Pause button directly from the flow run UI page (see the screenshot below). Resuming a run can be performed also from the UI, or from code:
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from prefect import resume_flow_run, pause_flow_run

id_ = "pasy_your_flow_run_uuid_here"
pause_flow_run(id_, timeout=4200, reschedule=True)

# once you're ready to resume (you can do it from the UI, too):
Other enhancements and improvements in this release: ā€¢ Two new Prefect Collections: prefect-kubernetes kubernetes and prefect-bitbucket šŸŖ£ ā€¢ Task Run Concurrency UI page now includes details and shows active task runs currently using allocated concurrency slots (see the second screenshot) ā€¢ New Opsgenie notifications block - kudos to Julien Lutran for contributing! gratitude thank you ā€¢ Fixes to imports and their performance ā€¢ New
block field that allows to obfuscate nested values in a dictionary on blocks such as
ā€¢ If you have a flow call (e.g.
) in your flow script, not protected by an
if __name__ == "__main__:
block, any run from that deployment will now work without giving you a warning about that unprotected call ā€¢ Several documentation improvements incl. new
usage examples, recipe and tutorial references, Automations docs, and more! For all enhancements and fixes, check the release notes - it even includes a Marvin joke. marvin duck Happy engineering! šŸŽ„prefect duck
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...and here we go with the 2.7.3 release, including bug fixes to the latest release, a.o. issues with the flow (function) name in the deployment's entrypoint. Thanks to everyone reporting issues here on Slack and on GitHub! gratitude thank you As always, see the release notes for details. Have a great weekend! šŸ™Œ
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