Kalise Richmond

12/14/2022, 5:36 PM
S The Prefect Slack community has grown by leaps and bounds (now over 23k people!). 🌎 Today we created geographic-based channels so folks could connect with other people nearby and be kept in the loop for community events. We’ve started with locations where we’ve had Prefect Associate Certification courses recently and where we have lots of users. Feel free to join a geo channel if there’s one for your area. 🙂 If there’s isn’t yet a channel for your area, add a comment to the community thread. If someone has already proposed your area in the thread, please give it a 👍. #geo-nyc #geo-bay-area #geo-dc #geo-chicago #geo-boston #geo-london #geo-berlin #geo-texas #geo-seattle #geo-colorado
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