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Anna Geller

07/22/2022, 12:07 PM
Hi again, <!here>! This is a short follow-up to the latest announcement to clarify what being explicit about your Prefect version means in practice. Please make sure to follow the instructions below to ensure that, as we transition to Prefect 2.0 being the default version of Prefect starting on Wednesday, 27th of July, your flows using Prefect 1.0 keep working or at least keep failing successfully. --- #1 When installing Prefect using pip or conda, please specify the exact Prefect version you need to avoid surprises as we're going to change the default version to the latest Prefect 2.0 release on Wednesday, 27th of July ‼️ 🟢 This explicit command will install the latest Prefect 1.0 version, which is 1.2.4 as of today (1.2.5 will be released soon, likely early next week):
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pip install prefect==1.2.4
🔴 Installing Prefect with an implicit version will install Prefect 2.0, which will break your existing flows if they have been written using Prefect 1.0:
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pip install prefect
--- #2 When working with Docker images in your run configuration or custom Dockerfiles, use an explicit tag indicating the right Prefect version you need: 🟢 This is the most recent Prefect 1.0 Docker image tag for Python 3.9, which is 1.2.4 as of today:
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🔴 Using an implicit, i.e., the latest Docker image tag for Python 3.9 (or any other Python version) will leverage Prefect 2.0 as the default:
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⚠️ This means that the latest tags of Docker images on your Prefect 1.0 run configurations or custom Dockerfiles will be using Prefect 2.0, which will break your flows unless you make that change of explicitly pinning your dependencies! Please make that change and reregister your flows if needed as soon as possible to avoid any surprises. If you have any questions about it, please reach out.
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