Hi everyone! As you may know, we are working on t...
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Hi everyone! As you may know, we are working on the General Availability release of Prefect 2.0, which will go live on Wednesday. To reach that milestone, we frequently release new beta versions, the latest being Prefect 2.0b11. This release, which has just been published to PyPI and Cloud 2.0, includes UI and docs changes and removes default storage in favor of explicit file systems set on Deployments. With the removal of default storage, all results are persisted locally. As part of the documentation changes, we've released a guide explaining on a high level the migration path from Prefect 1.0 to Prefect 2.0. Additionally, we introduced a new
module allowing you to easily deploy infrastructure for running docker containers, subprocesses, and Kubernetes jobs. Please don't worry about missing release notes - we'll provide a detailed description of the changes with the General Availability release next week. If you currently use Prefect 1.0, please make sure you've pinned your Prefect version explicitly (including your Docker images!) to avoid any surprises, as Prefect 2.0 will become the default version when installing Prefect starting next Wednesday. If something isn't working or you are confused, please send us a Slack message or bear with us until Wednesday. We appreciate your patience, and we promise it will be worth it! 🚀
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