Luca Schneider

11/14/2022, 1:19 PM
Hi all, I’m struggling on using the radar and would need your guidance about it. My flows are running fine, but it seems that no radar is being displayed (see first picture), while I have a functional radar for a subflow being called (see second picture). The following flow relies on some data being passed downstream. Let me know how i can get a working Radar for it please. Thanks
def flow():

   f1 = subflow1()
   f2 = subflow2()

   data1 = task1.submit(wait_for=[f1, f2])
   data2 = task2().submit()
   data3 = task3.submit(data1, data2, wait_for=[data1, data2])

    if data3.result():
       data4 = task4.submit(data3, wait_for=[data3])
       task5.submit(data4, wait_for=[data4])

Bianca Hoch

11/16/2022, 10:13 PM
Hi Luca, just cross posting the thread from community here just so that we can keep track of active discussions.