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Ted Collins

05/17/2022, 3:22 PM
Hi all - Level Ex is hiring a data engineer to join a growing team of engineers and analysts. The job is remote (US based). Please DM me or apply directly if interested. Thank you! Here's why you should join us: • Compelling Mission. Level Ex makes video games to train doctors, with the goal of advancing the practice of medicine through play. We have 5 mobile apps for different specialties and many web-streamed games that showcase diagnosis, treatment, or procedures. • This job will be fun. This is a great opportunity for a data engineer to lead the implementation of important projects with autonomy and with the best, cutting-edge, cloud tooling. • Our Stack: AWS cloud data stack, with dbt dbt, Snowflake ❄️, Prefect P . Currently using tableau for data viz. • You'll be working on important and challenging projects. Some projects: re-architecting our events management system to increase flexibility and reduce latency; Building out our data warehouse for self-serve analytics and extending to new product classes; Integrating new data sources like Hubspot, JIRA into the data warehouse; Building a data monitoring service that identifies outliers and notifies business users of an anomaly event. • The team is good. We have a positive, collaborative, open-minded team culture that is focused on learning, helping each other and finding long-term solutions to global problems rather than short term fixes. • We're set up for a positive work-life. We're an agile data & analytics team that uses 2 weeks sprint cycles and 6 month product roadmaps to make a large impact with a great work life balance.
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Chris Reuter

05/17/2022, 3:32 PM
Cool and worthwhile use case! 👨‍⚕️ 👩‍⚕️