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Who here likes 🏀 and P ? I am helping my friends at the Washington Wizards 🧙 in looking for a Basketball Data Engineer! We are looking for someone to help us extend and further our ELT pipelines, working on some really interesting datasets, including spatiotemporal tracking data for every game in the NBA and WNBA! The team is building lots of cool applications to support coaching, front office (trades and draft) and medical/player performance. The role is based in Washington DC (with some flexibility for remote), but that's a positive because you get (not have to) attend all Wizards and Mystics home games! The Wizards have one of the most robust analytics departments in the NBA, lead by Katherine Evans, who is a Harvard PhD and was recently named to the NBA's 40 under 40 list from The Athletic. Tech Stack: P gcp python react, and more! Please apply at the link below or please reach out with any questions. https://www.teamworkonline.com/multiple-properties/monumentalsports/monumental-sports/basketball-data-engineer-2007483
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I love it! Washington Wizards NBA 2023 champs calling it right now!
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Nice to see you in here again @Cory Jez!
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just spreading the good word!
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