<@U02H1A95XDW> I think I’m somewhat confuse. I’m ...
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@Anna Geller I think I’m somewhat confuse. I’m using
package to wrangle data and move same to an S3 bucket. Before signing on prefect cloud I could use
by simply indicating an s3 bucket path and my data would go to this path. Recently I created an S3 block via prefect cli. Now in an attempt to build deployment with the
flag I got an error that I indicated wrong s3 path. Clarifying questions: 1. Must I use the prefect cloud s3 storage block as the
package? 2. Can I have a separate s3 bucket for storing output of my data wrangling different from the s3 bucket where my flow code should reside? I would appreciate if your answer include some basic scenarios. I have gone through all your repo and none appear to address this issue probably there is, maybe implicitly .
#1 No, awswrangler is independent of the S3 block. You could retrieve the boto3 session from AwsCredentials block and pass it to your awswrangler operations #2 sure, you can Here is an example:
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import awswrangler as wr
from prefect_aws.s3 import AwsCredentials

creds = AwsCredentials.load("prod")
session = creds.get_boto3_session()

wr.s3.to_parquet(boto3_session=session, ...)
you need to install it first:
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pip install awswrangler prefect-aws
register the block:
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prefect block register -m prefect_aws
and create the block:
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from prefect_aws.credentials import AwsCredentials

aws = AwsCredentials(
aws.save("prod", overwrite=True)