~Hey Guys, I have not been able to access `app.pre...
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Hey Guys, I have not been able to access
today. Is this maintenance time?
Hey @Miremad Aghili What happens when you're attempting to access the page? Are you seeing any errors?
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no I just see a blank white window
I think it is a chrome issue
There was an issue in the UI that caused a service worker to access non-existent resources it's been fixed on our end but the service worker may still be stuck in a loop, you should be able to clear it up by going to the application tab of the dev console and clearing the site data from the storage section, making sure the unregister service workers check box is selected
i am also seeing a blank page when trying to access: https://app.prefect.cloud/
I can get to it from an incognito window.....
had to do a hard refresh to get the page to render.
Thanks for letting us know. If you or others see it again can you try: 1. Opening the dev console 2. Going to Application 3. Selecting Storage 4. Making sure 'Unregister service workers' is selected 5. Clicking 'Clear site data' and then refreshing the screen. I made a little video of how to do that.