Hi everybody. When attempting to orchestrate dbt ...
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Hi everybody. When attempting to orchestrate dbt transformations via trigger_dbt_cli_command using an existing profile
, I receive the following runtime error and I'm having difficulty interpreting the issue,
exit code 4294967295
. Has anyone else countered this? Error:
"..~\venv\lib\site-packages\prefect_shell\commands.py", line 90, in shell_run_command raise RuntimeError(msg)
RuntimeError: Command failed with exit code 4294967295:
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from prefect import flow
from prefect_dbt.cli.commands import trigger_dbt_cli_command

def trigger_dbt_cli_command_flow():
    result = trigger_dbt_cli_command("dbt debug")
    return result

Versions: Windows 10 Prefect: 2.4.5 Prefect-dbt: 0.2.2 Thanks very much!
Interesting, what if you switch to a virtual environment such as Conda and install prefect, prefect-dbt and the one for your warehouse there e.g. dbt-snowflake ? Can you run dbt debug just from the terminal without Python and prefect?
Sorry to hear that, Trevor. I think the issue might be similar to the this Windows path parsing issue raised recently. There’s an open PR associated from Joe that might solve your issue. 🙂
@Anna Geller Thanks for the quick reply. I attempted this in varying directories but to no success. @Jeff Hale Thanks for linking this! After reviewing the PR's proposed changes and stepping through _*prefect_shell\commands.py*_, I'm still raising this error. Specifically, the _*`async with wait open_process(..) as process:`*_ command text returns "Windows subsystem for Linux has no installed distributions." Sorry I'm not familiar with these lower level modules and I'm not entirely sure where it's appropriate to share this level of detail yet.
@Joe Schueller and @Trevor Sweeney if you upgrade to the latest Prefect version is this resolved? There have been a number of recent improvements in this area.