I am trying to figure out the best way to have a c...
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I am trying to figure out the best way to have a conditional branch in my flow, probably involving the
fn in prefect. I have a task, we can call it Task A, that queries my database for a value and returns it. If Task A returns some value, then that value should get passed to Task B, whose output gets passed to Task C, whose output goes to Task D. But if Task A returns
, then I don't want Task B/C/D to run. Right now I have it set up like this:
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TASK_A = query_database_task()
RUN_TASKS_B_C_d = dummy_task() # task does nothing
ifelse()is_null(TASK_A), RUN_TASKS_B_C_d, None)

TASK_B = some_task_b(TASK_A)

TASK_C = some_task_b(TASK_B)

TASK_D = some_task_b(TASK_C)
There has to be a better way to do this
Hi @Zach, it sounds like a case might do the trick for you. Does this seem like it might work? https://docs.prefect.io/api/latest/tasks/control_flow.html#case
Yep, I'd recommend case for this. Here's an example:
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from prefect import task, case, Flow

def task_a():
    return None

def is_null(a):
    return a is None

def task_b(a):
    return a + 1

def task_c(b):
    return b + 1

def task_d(c):
    return c + 1

with Flow("example") as flow:

    a = task_a()
    with case(is_null(a), False):
        b = task_b(a)
        c = task_c(b)
        d = task_d(c)

@Jim Crist-Harif Thanks!