quick q on mapped task inputs (<@U011EKN35PT> ment...
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quick q on mapped task inputs (@Jim Crist-Harif mentioned here that this might that this might get resolved in the mapping refactor but we're still seeing it) is passing
task.map(sequence, x=unmapped(some_large_result))
a bad idea? we're seeing
UserWarning: Large object of size 874.55 MB detected in task graph
and very very slow creation of mapped tasks; I would have expected that these would be re-using the dask futures already present on the cluster, not rehydrating the outputs inside the
loop, but I guess that's not how it works. is this expected behavior and if so is there any known workaround..?
Yeah, as written this will be inefficient if
is not the result of a task (e.g. if it's a constant). If it is the result of a task, we should be able to make the efficient, but the flow runner might be doing something dumb.
thanks @Jim Crist-Harif! in our case it is another upstream task, not a constant. I'm not exactly sure where the problematic behavior is but it does seem like the flow runner is
ting the actual result bytes for every task
I wouldn't be surprised. There's lots of low-hanging fruit in the flow runner pipeline in terms of passing around completed results. Since prefect doesn't do any high-level graph heuristics (it just walks a topological sort), it doesn't distinguish between tasks whose results are still needed and tasks whose results can be dropped. I can create an issue for this specific behavior if you don't want to. I suspect we'll need to reconfigure how we walk the graph and submit tasks to avoid reserializing the results around.
if you don't mind that would be great, I expect your description would be quite a bit more helpful/accurate 🙂
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Thinking more, I think this wouldn't be that hard to do. Might hack on this in the next week or so.
Thanks for the issue report! Would be good to get this fixed.
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