Hello ! Firstable congrats for your awesome projec...
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Hello ! Firstable congrats for your awesome project, i've been using it profesionally for an ETL since a couple of months and it works perfectly. But i''m starting to have storage problems with results, which start to pile up. Is there a method or even a best practice defined by prefect for that ? Right now i'm manually cleaning results that are getting old, and could do it via a crons so it's techincally not a huge problem. But if prefect has a solution for that i would rather use it.
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Hi @Florian L, first off, glad you are enjoying Prefect! 🙂 To your question, there isn’t a best practice regarding that internal to Prefect, in the sense we don’t have any special cleaner utilities or processes. In general since results can be templated any way you like and with any backend you like, we envision any file rotation plan to be pretty personal. That being said if you have some ideas for how you might want a Prefect utility to look or work, that would be a good feature request github issue!
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