Hey there, Is there a general way of how to troub...
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Hey there, Is there a general way of how to troubleshoot kubernetes agents? I spun up an
EKS cluster
and created an agent locally using
prefect agent start kubernetes --token <token_id> --label k8s
. It seems like the kubernetes agent is running correctly (see attached images). However, when I submit a flow that has the same label
, it does not execute (see image)… 1. How do I make sure the kubernetes agent is set up properly? 2. Which tests does prefect cloud already perform by itself, to make sure that an agent is set up properly?
PS: the prefect flow code
Hey @Robin first things first you probably should revoke that token you posted 😅 1. The agent appears to be set up properly because those labels look to match. Can you verify the labels on the flow page? 2. Cloud doesn’t perform any tests but the agent does “register” itself with Cloud by verifying that it is authorized to pull
Oh yeah, revoked! 😄 1. See below the label of the flow. 2. So from prefect there is no way to see whether the kubernetes cluster is set up in a way that flows can be run? It would be cool to have the option of submitting a dummy flow that checks this whenever a kubernetes agent is created…
I just reran and got the following error:
so maybe there was indeed a labeling issue 🤔
Yeah there could have been! That error looks to be an issue with a kwarg that was introduced in the last release so either your local version of core is ahead of the version in the image or vice versa
I changed
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flow.storage = Docker(registry_url="ragnarob", prefect_version="master")
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flow.storage = Docker(registry_url="ragnarob")
Now, I get the attached error 😞 I have to mention, that I have a very unstable internet connection at the moment. Could that be a reason?
• agent prefect version: 0.12.5 • local prefect version: 0.12.5 • cloud prefect version: ??? (how to check the version?)
@Robin hmm generally API exceptions I have seen are due to the RBAC on the cluster. Are you able to see the logs for the prefect job?
Yes, how can I check whether rbac is set up falsely?
Try applying these permissions outlined here https://docs.prefect.io/orchestration/agents/kubernetes.html#requirements 🙂