Hello community! I’m excited to share that today w...
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Hello community! I’m excited to share that today we’re launching “Verified by Prefect,” a new initiative to ensure that key tasks in the library are up to date and continue to leverage new functionality and capabilities. The program will also make inter-product experiences are top notch for those in the program (documentation, sales, support, etc.). Launch partners are some of the most used and anticipated integrations in our ecosystem: dbt Labs, Fivetran, Great Expectations, Airbyte, Firebolt, PagerDuty and Monte Carlo. You’ll now see the badge below in the task library and can’t wait for you to try some of them out. (Note Monte Carlo and Firebolt are coming in the next 45 days). Please read the full blog here.
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I want to give a huge shoutout to @ale and @Nicholas Hemley for their contributions to these integrations. We continue to welcome task contributions, and are here to help test and validate with you!
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We’d love for any social or blog/site shares to help get the word out. Twitter post is here. LinkedIn is here.
And as always, we welcome your ideas and feedback.
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