Chris Reuter

12/10/2021, 9:00 PM
This week at Prefect Hey gang 👋 thanks for another awesome week in the Prefect Community! A lot happened: 🌠 Orion 2.0a6 release 🤝 Verified by Prefect launch :marvin: Marvin's first newsletter came out this Tuesday! For a summary of community content bi-weekly, you can sign up here! :radar: @Laura Lorenz's


on Orion subflows and Radar UI Next week at Prefect 💨 For those interested in Airbyte, please join our very own @alex on the Airbyte community call next Tuesday Dec 14 at 3:30p EST as we demo our new integration. 📺 @nicholas takes the reigns for PrefectLive on Wednesday Dec 15 at 3p EST 🔥 @Chris White and @Jeremiah host another fireside chat on Friday Dec 17 at 4p EST where they'll give a glimpse into the future of Orion. Sign up on Meetup!
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