Hi everyone! Yesterday, we released Prefect 0.15.0...
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Hi everyone! Yesterday, we released Prefect 0.15.0 🚀. This release improves the Prefect Core Python API for running and inspecting flow runs, exposing some powerful new patterns. We've added: • A new CLI for running flows, prefect run, which makes the transition from local execution to running with a Cloud or Server backend seamless • The ability to run flows without an agent, which lets you run your flow locally with the rich set of features enabled by the backend API. • New tasks, create_flow_run and get_task_run_result, to create subflows and retrieve data from them. • New objects, FlowRunView, TaskRunView, FlowView, and TenantView, which enable you to pull the most recent information about flow and task runs from the backend without writing GraphQL queries • A new suite of CLI commands for managing authentication with API keys, simplifying authentication while retaining backwards compatibility with tokens. For more information and examples of how to use these features, check out this blog post. For the full list of enhancements and features, see the release changelog. We're excited to see what you can do with them. If you have a question or feedback about this release, we want to hear it! As always, you'll find us #prefect-community channel. Special thanks to @Stéphan Taljaard and @Tenzin Choedak for contributing to this release!
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