04/27/2021, 11:31 PM
Hello everyone! Today we're happy to announce we've released version 0.14.17 🚀 Some highlights from the last few releases: - New
storage allows you to use any
based service for flow storage (this includes deploy token/key authentication!) - Error messages have been improved in more than five places to help guide users to a resolution -
now works on Windows and supports more configurable logging -
storage now supports cloud servers - A custom terminal state handler can now be placed on a flow, allowing users to customize the final state of their flow with access to the states of their flow's reference tasks - An architecture diagram has been added to the docs ( - The required docker-compose version to run
prefect server start
has been lowered and documented - Environment variables can be passed to the
config -
can return data column names -
prefect server start
can now connect to an separately managed postgres instance There's always more, see the full changelog at Thanks to our community contributors! - Alessandro Lollo - David Zucker - Greg Lu - James Lamb - Sean Talia - Jonathan Wright - Ben Fogelson - Gabriel Montañola Remember this list isn't exhaustive and for every person listed in it, there are many more who have helped report issues and written PRs that help move us forward even if they aren't merged. Thanks to everyone here in our Slack community!
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