Hi, apologies if this is not the dedicated channel...
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Hi, apologies if this is not the dedicated channel for this type of question. I am trying to deploy a flow to a self remote hosted Orion server (docker, Prefect V2) using S3 block as a code repository.
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prefect deployment build ./flows/my_awesome_flow.py:my_stars -n flow1 -t dev -sb s3/s3test
I got the following error:
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RuntimeError: File system created with scheme 's3' from base path '<s3://my_s3_bucket>' could not be created. You are likely missing a Python module required to use the given storage protocol.
the error does not have enough info what module I miss. any idea is appreciated ?
Hey Mohammad!! Could you try running
pip install s3fs
to see if that fixes the issue?
yes it works. thanks for ur help!
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