Jaime Raldua Veuthey

08/17/2022, 4:24 PM
Hello, For Prefect 1.0 there was documentation with some resources for the different kind of remote Agents: Docker, ECS, ... For Prefect 2.0 I do not see here if there are different alternatives for remote agents. Is there any tutorial or similar where is shown how to launch a remote agent? Preferably if it is listening to a Deployment scheduled in Prefect Cloud. Thanks in advance!

Oscar Björhn

08/17/2022, 4:25 PM
Hey, I believe there is now only one type of agent, it's instead the deployment itself that tells the agent what it needs to do in order to run the contents of the deployment.
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Of course the agent needs to know whether it should listen to a cloud or non-cloud work queue, as well. But beyond that, there isn't much to configure on the agent side of things.

Cole Murray

08/18/2022, 2:54 AM
Oscar is correct, there is one type of agent and a new concept “infrastructure” that dictates how the tasks are processed. Relevant spots in code: Currently there is Process (LocalProcess), Docker (run in a local docker container), Kubernetes (launches a Kube job and waits on it, monitoring the status). I hear word there soon may be an ECS agent

Jaime Raldua Veuthey

08/18/2022, 9:39 AM
@Oscar Björhn @Cole Murray Thanks for the information! I will look deeper into the "infrastructure". Since now there is no explicit remote agents do you know a simple way to have an agent running on the cloud? optimally with something that could be initiated easily via Terraform. I saw this (but has too many manual steps), and this (but it does not work in Prefect 2.0 yet)