Remember when I told you this was gonna be the las...
# announcements
Remember when I told you this was gonna be the last announcement? I lied! 🎬 We would love to announce the inaugural release of dbt
! With this Prefect Collection, we’re now able to support common workflows for both: 1. dbt CLI for Open-Source dbt users 2. and dbt Cloud for commercial dbt users. We worked with two solutions architects from dbt to develop requirements, QA strategy, and complete development for this collection to ensure this integration reflects best practices for using dbt! dbt Kudos to @alex and @Andrew Huang for developing this awesome integration! πŸ‘ If you would like to add a feature request for additions to this collection, feel free to add an item to the `prefect-dbt` GitHub project!
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To install the collection and take it for a spin:
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pip install prefect-dbt
Docs and code - if you like this collection, give Alex and Andrew a ⭐ on the repo - they deserve it!
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With this integration built in partnership with Dbt Labs, we are now an official orchestration partner recommended by dbt dbt We know how important dbt is in your data stack. Therefore, this is a huge achievement thanks to the work of @Andrew Black
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