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Anna Geller

08/02/2022, 10:58 PM
Hi everyone! Last announcement for today: we’ve just released Prefect 2.0.2 with some highly requested features for improved deployment UX! In response to your feedback, we realized that when you run
prefect deployment build
, you might want to skip the upload of some files which are relevant for local development but not intended for use in production. To solve that problem, we introduced the
file! 😎 How to use
Add the file
to your root project directory and follow the same syntax as in
to make Prefect aware that those files and directories should be ignored at deployment build time. • The syntax supports pattern matching, so an entry of
will ensure all .pyc files are ignored. • Prefect will add a default
file if you don’t add it yourself - you can customize it at any time. --- Azure file system block If you are an Azure user, you can start using that as a storage of your flow code and custom modules. Simply add an Azure block in your UI or suing the following Python syntax:
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from prefect.filesystems import Azure

block = Azure(azure_storage_connection_string="paste_the_string_here")"dev")
And reference that block in your deployment CLI:
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prefect deployment build \
 --name deploy_name --tag dev -sb azure/dev
--- Issue templates You can now submit bug reports and feature enhancements using our improved issue templates. Shoutout to @Peyton Runyan for being so proactive and streamlining that experience for everyone! --- Further improvements and bug fixesBlock deletion is now more performant. • Some inconsistencies in the UI have been removed. • Error messaging is clearer in the
deployment build
CLI command and the CLI got much more descriptive: • Resolved timeout errors that occurred when using async task functions inside synchronous flows. Discourse version with nicer formatting. Happy Engineering! marvin duck
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