Ryan Peden

02/16/2023, 7:12 PM
Prefect 2.8.1 has been released! 🚀 😛arty-parrot: New names, same behavior We knew we were onto something big when we first announced Prefect Orion, our second-generation orchestration engine, but we didn't know just how big. Orion's foundational design principles of dynamism, developer experience, and observability have shaped the Prefect 2 codebase to such an extent that it's difficult to tell where Orion ends and other components begin. For example, it's been challenging to communicate clearly about the “Orion API” (the orchestration API), an “Orion Server” (a hosted instance of the API and UI), and individual components of that server. With this release, we've removed references to "Orion" and replaced them with more explicit, conventional nomenclature throughout the codebase. All changes are fully backwards compatible and will follow our standard deprecation cycle of six months. These changes clarify the function of various components, commands, variables, and more. See the deprecated section of the release notes for a full rundown of changes. Note: Many settings have been renamed, but your old settings will be respected. To automatically convert all of the settings in your current profile to the new names, run the
prefect config validate
command. A few other key fixes and enhancements: • We added a
notification block. • You can now pass RRule strings to
option in
prefect set-schedule
command. The JSON input it used to require still works, too! • Default deployment parameters now populate correctly in the UI. • We fixed the ability to use anchor dates when setting an interval schedule with the
prefect set-schedule
command. • The docs now have examples of custom automation triggers! Finally, we had two new contributors: • @qheuristics made their first contribution in #8478 • @KernelErr made their first contribution in #8485 See the release notes for a complete list of enhances, fixes, and deprecations in Prefect 2.8.1.
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