assuming i’ve logged into prefect cloud, is there ...
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assuming i’ve logged into prefect cloud, is there a way to temporaily disable logging a local run to cloud? an analogy is WandB, which supports a
, it would be great do be able to do something similar
Hey @Mike O'Connor!! I would recommend checking out these docs, there are lots of different environment variables to configure logging in Prefect. Specifically the environment variable in the second doc would be helpful for disabling logs • Logging Settings PREFECT_LOGGING_ENABLED_ORION
thanks for that. I realize “logging” is a loaded term, so to clarify, is there a quick setting I can use to ensure no communication is made with prefect cloud? (no flow runs, no logging, nothing!)
You could use
prefect cloud logout
to log out of your profile in the CLI or you could make sure that
is not pointing to the URL of your workspace (could point it to localhost and use
prefect orion start
to start it locally)