01/06/2023, 11:29 AM
Hi, is there a way to disable the Parameters>Default selection when creating a new run in Prefect UI? Or at least have it always selected as Custom? Most of our flows have required parameters without a default value, so it does not make sense. Also for those that can run only with defaults you still always want to check what they are so the Default section in general seems not helpful.
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Bianca Hoch

01/06/2023, 6:57 PM
Hi Quassy, to my knowledge there isn't a way to have the selection set to 'Custom' by default in the UI. What type of parameters are your flows working with? Are parameter values passed to the flow runs upon execution, on a set schedule? Or are you going into the UI and manually passing in custom parameters and creating new flow runs via the
Custom Run


01/06/2023, 7:27 PM
I manually trigger runs from the UI and then define for example source and target table for ETL jobs in the UI. I'm not creating runs from code or running on any schedule.