Hi all. I have some flows running in production th...
# prefect-getting-started
Hi all. I have some flows running in production that I want to migrate to Prefect 2. I have been reading the migration docs and my flows are quite simple so I don't think I have too many code changes but I am looking for guidance on updating my development and test environment. I am using Prefect Cloud, running agents on a windows server, development environment is windows. I am a developer but do not usually work with python and I'm not sure how updating the prefect package will affect my ability to keep working on my prefect 1 flows if I need to. Thanks in advance, Greg
Hi, @Greg Kennedy, you can run both 1.0 and 2.0 in parallel so while you are developing and testing out your setup for 2.0, your 1.0 flows will continue to run.
Ok, great. Thanks. I'm was also wondering how the flow.register command decides which prefect cloud to register the flow in (dashboard for prefect 1 or 2) but I guess it's driven by the API key