Prefect 2.7.4 has been released! :rocket: Highlig...
# announcements
Prefect 2.7.4 has been released! šŸš€ Highlights āœØ*:* ā€¢ Improvements to retry delays: multiple delays, exponential backoff, and jitter ā€¢ Increase in the default thread limit from 40 to 250 ā€¢ New `prefect-google-sheets` collection - big thanks to community member @Stefano Cascavilla for creating it! Feel free to head on over to the repo and give it a ā­ļø As always, see the release notes for details. Thank you to everyone for your feedback and especially to @devanshdoshi9 and @quassy for their first contributions! Happy holidays! ā˜ƒļø
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