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Anna Geller

12/01/2022, 10:33 PM
Hi Prefectionists! P It's only been a little over a week since the last release, but there are a lot of new features in Prefect 2.7, which was released just now. prefect2 cloud2 This release includes: • Cancellation of flow runs • Pause and resume of flow runs • Logging of print statements • Agent-level flow run concurrency limits • Notification blocks for PagerDuty and Twilio • Improved reporting of crashed infrastructure • Improved handling of failures during HTTP requests • ... and dozens more fixes and enhancements! Thanks a bunch to our five external contributors! 💙 Also, a massive shoutout to @Zanie, who implemented several features of this release, coordinated the entire release work and even wrote most of this announcement and the release post. Check out the release blog post and reach out if you have any questions. Happy Engineering!
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