Hi All, We are running prefect in ECS cluster wher...
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Hi All, We are running prefect in ECS cluster where the flows run as fargate tasks and its working just fine.. The only problem we are seeing is overall time taken by a flow to process, which again is not something prefect is causing, but the fargate task itself is taking around 60 sec to just startup and be ready to execute the code. We want to switch to a better way. Idea is to have flow also call an 'always running' container which will be a EC2 based ECS service with 1 or more tasks, and the flow should access those containers only, rather than creating a fargate task for each flow. Is this possible and supported by prefect ? If yes, could you please direct me to the correct documentation ?
I believe this might be roughly what you're looking for but it's for Prefect 2.0
i will go though it thanks @Anna Geller
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