Hi all! :wave: As we get close to Prefect 2.0 GA n...
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Hi all! 👋 As we get close to Prefect 2.0 GA next week the Prefect team is making lots of releases. Yesterday’s 2.0b10 release fixed some minor bugs. 2.0b11 was released about an hour ago. We don’t have formal release notes, but highlights include the following changes: • Infrastructure types are added and preferred instead of flow runners • Default storage and storage blocks are removed • Results are always persisted locally instead Be prepared for more 2.0 changes in the coming days. We’ll be updating docs and examples in Discourse as quickly as possible. Don’t hesitate to reach out here with questions. 🙂 Finally, a reminder that if you use 1.0 and don’t want to install prefect 2.0 when GA lands next week, make sure you’ve pinned your version (for example:
pip install prefect==1.2.4
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