hi all, 2.0 question, is it possible to set certai...
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hi all, 2.0 question, is it possible to set certain k8s job properties at the agent level (e.g. service account, namespace) as it is possible in 1.0 or everything needs to be configured via
’s KubernetesFlowRunner properties?
I can access this info via prefect.context.get_run_context() inside the job
I do not necessarily need access to this, just want to take some burden of my users, so that some parameters don’t have to be defined inside each Deployment
Ah sorry misread your Q, I have a similar issue with secrets and having to customise patch them in for each deployment (spec)
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I think because we have one agent interface now, this is not possible at the moment. I think it has to go through the DeploymentSpec
that was my assumption, thanks for confirming Kevin 🙏