Hi friends! Just letting you all know that July 2...
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Hi friends! Just letting you all know that July 22 will be my last day at Prefect. It has been a pleasure serving a very smart and friendly community. Every day brought new challenges and forced me to learn new things. The vast number of use cases you guys are working on is truly inspiring (from the enterprise solutions, academic research, to the hobbyist projects). Prefect has a ton of new features and concepts coming out with 2.0, and it’s regrettable I won’t be an active part of building the best workflow orchestrator anymore. This job was so fun because of the community that most days genuinely did not feel like work. I know that the community will continue to be in great hands with Anna around, and also with some of you that generously help other Prefect users, shoutout to club42 members. I’ll still carry the Prefect name and check the updates, or maybe I’ll show up on Prefect Live some time to show what I’m up to. Prefect is an awesome place to work and has been very supportive of my next endeavor. Happy Engineering! Kevin Kho
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You'll be missed, Kevin. Thanks for all your outstanding contributions and for being so great to work with 🙌 The entire Community and Prefect Team will be cheering for you in all your future endeavors 💙
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so long partner
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Can’t thank you enough for what you’ve built and the support you’ve given this community @Kevin Kho — I know a lot of folks here are going to be very excited about what’s next from you!
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