Kevin Focke

07/02/2022, 3:13 PM
Hello everyone, I'm having some issues with the orion.db growing too large. Context: I'm using Prefect Orion 2.06b with a persistent local sqlite database with the environment variable: export PREFECT_ORION_DATABASE_CONNECTION_URL="sqlite+aiosqlite:////home/sqlite_database/orion.db" The culprit for the growing size seems to be that I use large Pandas DataFrames and pass them through several flows. Is there any way to reduce the size of the orion.db? Can the output of a nested flow be deleted upon completion of the parent flow? Thanks for your help!

Anna Geller

07/02/2022, 4:58 PM
We are aware of the problem and we have an issue open internally to allow disabling task run results persistence. Until then you may use Postgres DB instead