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Anna Geller

06/30/2022, 11:22 AM
Hi everyone, We are currently in the holiday season 🏖️ and working intensely on the Perfect 2.0 GA release planned for this summer. Community Support may be slow and limited in scope this month (July 2022). You may contact our paid support at if you have some mission-critical issues. I will be available to answer any of your questions during Office Hours between 7 and 9 AM EST (see my Slack status for the current availability). You may post your question anytime, but we will get back to you when we are available. To make it easier to get help during Office Hours: • Check the docs and Discourse whether it already provides the information you need • Make it clear whether your question is about Prefect 2.0 or Prefect 1.0 • Specify the problem rather than the feature or solution you tried. Focusing on a problem allows discussing many ways to solve it rather than focusing on a single approach you may have tried so far. • Define your issue as precisely as you can: ◦ explain your use case/problem in the main message, ◦ in the thread🧵, provide as many details as possible about: ▪︎ your environment (Cloud or self-hosted, the output of
prefect version
in 2.0 and
prefect diagnostics
in 1.0, your agent/storage setup, etc.), ▪︎ at which stage you are in your Prefect adoption, ◦ and document all steps you have taken so far to solve the issue you are facing in the thread. Thanks for understanding, and huge thanks to all community members helping others during that time! We appreciate you ❤️
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