Andrei Tulbure

11/25/2022, 7:30 AM
Hi. I need some quick help: We had some prefect 1 flows that were working fine on Monday and since Thursday they just freeze randomly. Liek one works, one just freezes. We are in the process of moving over to prefect 2, but still, we use 1.3.0 for what we have in prod now. I have been trying to debug it since it runs some ECS Tasks but I was not able to (larger machines, check AWS side of things etc). IT`s weird that the code (minus some print staements) worked perfectly fine on Monday. Any suggestions ?

Bianca Hoch

11/30/2022, 9:34 PM
Hi Andrei, are you still having this issue? Could you provide some examples of flow run IDs that were impacted by this? We can take a look at the logs for you.

Andrei Tulbure

12/18/2022, 2:14 PM
Hi, we have migrated away from Prefect1 and seems like we have no more issue with this right now 🙂
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