11/25/2022, 7:21 AM
Hello expert~! I'm using prefect 1.0 and looking method to visualize the task running progress at our own web page. I made a flow that post-processes data searched by a user on the web, and an event to download data from the web page triggers that flow. During processing on prefect, we want to show how far the task has progressed on our web page also, like the prefect UI shows the state of the task being executed. I found similar questions and answers at google, but it is impossible situation to divide the task into one per data. (link) Is there a nice way to check the progress of a long-run task on our web? Is there such a feature in prefect 2.0?
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Kalise Richmond

11/28/2022, 4:03 PM
Hi @wonsun, that article describes it all 😄 I would also add, that if you know the task_run id that you want to check on, you could use the graphQL api to query the task run state. You won't know the progress necessarily but you will still be able to indicate if it is running or completed, etc.
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