Hi! What is the best way to create a scheduled fl...
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Hi! What is the best way to create a scheduled flow with multiple scheduled subflows? Couldn’t find an article or discourse discussion. We are using Prefect Cloud 1.0. Example of structure: • Main flow A, run every week, dependant on: ◦ Sublow B, run every day, dependant on: ▪︎ Sublow C, run every hour So, if any of subflows fail, all upstream subflows should not start. Is there a way to do so? cc @Taylor Curran
Hi @Dmitrii Egunov have you seen this example in our docs? https://docs-v1.prefect.io/core/idioms/flow-to-flow.html#scheduling-a-flow-of-flows
Hi! Yeas, I’ve seen that, but it do not cover topic of multiple time-scheduled subflows sadly.
One way of doing it would be creating a flow that runs once every week and schedules other 176 flow for the whole week ahead, using
but it looks too complicated and prone to became a mess.