Hi everyone! :wave: We've just released Prefect 2...
# announcements
Hi everyone! 👋 We've just released Prefect 2.6.8 prefect2 cloud2 This release includes new agent CL options, including the
flag, which is especially useful when interacting with serverless infrastructure. Imagine that you want to schedule a specific flow to run at 9 AM, but it roughly takes a minute to provision a serverless container. With this new CLI flag, your Prefect agent will begin flow run submission earlier than scheduled (in the example below, 60 seconds earlier) to ensure your container starts on time:
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prefect agent start --prefetch-seconds 60 -q default
The release includes many bug fixes and a new
collection allowing you to interact with Hashicorp Vault - big thanks to Pavel Chekin for contributing it gratitude thank you As always, you can find more details in the release notes. Happy engineering! prefect duck
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