Is there a way to run a flow locally and NOT have ...
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Is there a way to run a flow locally and NOT have it show up on the UI ( 2.0 ) ?
I know I could technically run under a non cloud profile, but I also want to be able to access my cloud blocks.
@Khuyen Tran , any help with this?
I assume you want to test your flows and don’t want for it to show on the UI? There is currently no way for you to hide the flows on Prefect Cloud. However you can: • tag the flows as
and delete all flows with the
tag • recreate the blocks in a different backend databases
Is this on the road map?
I don’t believe so, Ben. I think this the first time I’ve seen this request. If you want to open a feature enhancement issue in the repo, that would be great.
Yeah sure. I can't image I'd be the only person to want this. I'm blown away tbh. Not sure why you'd ever want local runs to show up on the UI at all.
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Side note on this. If I had notifications for all flows on (which I do). Then I'd be spamming my entire company when I'm developing locally!
That's very undesirable from my point of view
I hear you.
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Hm, what if there was a nice way to sync your Cloud blocks with a local profile?
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Created here
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