Hi all! I’m assessing prefect2 as a potential job ...
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Hi all! I’m assessing prefect2 as a potential job orchestration solution. We have a mixture of python / non-python jobs packaged via Docker and we run on k8s. It seems like flows consisting of https://docs-v1.prefect.io/api/latest/tasks/kubernetes.html#runnamespacedjob best suits my needs, but is there a similar concept in prefect 2? Or is prefect2 not really the right tool to orchestrate arbitrary dockerized jobs?
Reusable tasks in prefect 2 are divided in prefect collections which you can find under integrations on the prefect 2 docs. Although there is no Kubernetes collection listed, I happen to know there was actually created a repository for this. However, this repository does not contain any code at the moment (which probably is the reason it's not listed). There is an open pull request for the jobs tasks from the 1.0 though, so it seems you'll have to wait for that to be accepted. Or contribute yourself if you would need some other functionality 😉
@Mathijs Carlu Ty for pointing me to this!
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